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Are You A Great Dog Trainer?

06 February 2015

Wanna know if you’ve got what it takes to be a great dog trainer? At Katz Trains Dogs– our local Reno-based dog training company– I see a lot of dog owners on a daily basis. Lately I’ve been trying to pay attention to what personality traits make an individual a great dog trainer. See, it’s not […]

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Breaking Bad: Why You Probably Don’t Want To Use A “Break Stick” To Stop A Dog Fight

14 August 2014

Jay Jack from 3 Bad Bullies discusses why using a “break stick” to stop a dog fight may not be the best idea… If you’re a dog trainer with an interest in rehabbing dog aggression…… Please. Throw the “Break Stick” away. Look, I know why you have them. It’sa logical mistake to make. You want […]

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Attacked At Petco For Being A Balanced Dog Trainer

26 January 2014

I took my wife to lunch, today. It’s Sunday, so we usually indulge ourselves at the Great Basin Brew pub. After lunch, we decided to walk down to Petco to see if they were doing pet adoptions. They weren’t. But there was a Petco “trainer” working with a client and her black Labrador… teaching the […]

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Your Dog’s Behavior Needs More Than A Band-Aid Fix

27 December 2013

By Lynn Stockwell – Before I became a veterinary professional, I was pretty much convinced that the role of vets was to get to the bottom of the matter and treat the issue at hand. A prime example of the dog that has vomiting and/or diarrhea. Vomiting and diarrhea are not things to simply be […]

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Top 10 Worst Dog Toys For Your New Christmas Puppy

26 December 2013

1. Rawhide bones or chews:  Rawhide does not break down in a dog’s stomach apparently, so dogs have a hard time digesting and passing them. One veterinarian I talked to said that they have at least one client-a-month who they need to operate on, in order to remove a piece of rawhide that was lodged in […]

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Is It Dangerous To Adopt An Adult Doberman?

22 December 2013

Rhiaanon posted a comment on one of my Youtube videos: “I had a doberman puppy some years ago. I am looking to get another doberman. However, I am considering adopting an adult. Would it be okay to adopt this particular breed at an adult age?  Thank you for any advice!” Dear Rhiaaaaaanon: No.  They are a […]

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Should You Neuter Your Male Dog for Behavior Problems?

18 December 2013

At the post-end of the day (the awkward time at most vet’s offices in between official closing hours and the act of leaving with doors locked behind us), a client walked in with a question: her 6-year old intact Dachshund was being an absolute hormonal boy in reaction to a bitch in heat somewhere. The […]

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Training A Dog Not To Jump

18 December 2013

[Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Hawaii, contact Leonard Letoto] The issue of jumping is a fairly common one. The majority of dog owners have had to teach at least one of their dogs not to jump up on people. While it’s not usually on the list of the most severe […]

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Labeling A Dog As Having Separation Anxiety

14 December 2013

By Joe Camacho of Dog Squad U, based in Tuscon, Arizona. — Reprinted here with explicit permission from Joe.  There is an old antage that goes: “The only thing two dog trainers can agree on is what the third is doing wrong.” That being said, I’d like to talk a little bit about MY philosophy […]

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Providing A Structured And Balanced Relationship For Your New Dog Or Puppy

10 December 2013

So, you have a new puppy and it’s all squeezes, hugs, potty training and more hugs.  While we all love to love puppies, we need to provide them with rules too. If you bring them home and treat them as the center of your universe, they will soon begin to act like they make the […]

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